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Mar-A-Lago Town of Palm Beach 2019 Event

A Trump fan club is in the works planning a 2019 party. The theme? Western country located at the Trump club, Mar-A-Lago. This is put on by the Trumpette’s, according to Palm Beach News Daily. The date for this party is set for February 23, in 2019. The last party was held this past January, at Mar-A-Lago. This party held about 900 attendees, according to Palm Beach Daily News.

The reason for the western country was to continue a patriotic theme similar to the past party that was styled after an American theme.

The Trumpettes is a female society with a common goal, supporting the President, Donald Trump. Toni Holt Kramer, the founder of the Trumpettes, and the organizer of the western themed party was the claimed founder of the organization.

According to the Trumpettes website, Kramer had a previous friendship with the former 2016 presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Kramer had attended the last Clinton party at the White House before the Bush family moved into the White House.

The group was formed in Beverly Hills during 2015. The website says several times that their group will prove “Donald Trump will be the best President for all of America.”

Mar-A-Lago Town of Palm Beach 2019 Event

Mar-A-Lago had made headlines recently involving Jeff Greene as Greene recently took photos in from of the Mar-A-Lago club for his recent gubernatorial ad for the Democrat bid. You can check out our story on the recent ad. In this ad, Greene attacked Trump for spending time at the Mar-A-Lago club instead of other issues. Greene is also a member of the club and has named Trump as a friend, despite attacks.

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According to Palm Beach Daily, the waitlist for the previous event was about 700 people. Tickets were about $300 at the last party and prices remain unknown for the next party. Tickets are not on sale yet.

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