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Palm Beach Island to Open First Preschool

Early childhood education is important for the future success of our children, and Palm Beach Island commits to providing a quality preschool program. Palm Beach Island is opening its first preschool. Continue reading for more information on the school and its effects on the town.

Approved by the Town Council

In a 4-1 vote, The Palm Beach Town Council recently approved the opening of a dedicated preschool, aptly named The Alef Preschool. With this approval from the Town Council, residents look forward to their children receiving high-quality prekindergarten training in their own area. The preschool was approved at the Dec. 14 Town Council meeting. Councilwoman Julie Araskog was the only opposer. Palm Beach Record asked her about opposing this and she stated “It is not whether I oppose the school or not. It is whether we felt the application met the legal criteria for granting a special exception and variance” (Julie Araskog). Even still, in a 4-1 vote, Palm Beach Island will open its first preschool.


The Alef Preschool is run by The Chabad House, an Orthodox Jewish synagogue. It offers early childhood programs designed to promote cognitive development and nurture each individual’s unique personality. According to the Alef Preschool Website, The Alef Preschool will use a “play-based curriculum includes language arts, mathematics and logic, science and exploration, art and color theory, Shabbat and holiday celebrations, Hebrew language, physical education, music, drama, culinary arts, and more” (Shterny Schochet). Also, they will focus on providing educational activities and opportunities to explore the bible and Jewish culture, the curriculum emphasizes values like respect, honesty, self-discipline, kindness, and generosity.

Additionally, The teachers will strive to create a positive environment. This will instill confidence in their students while cultivating a love of learning; music and art are a strong presence within the lessons as well. All of these strategies combined ensure that the preschoolers leave their time at Alef prepared for success in their academic pursuits both now and in their future.

Operations of Palm Beach Island’s First Preschool

The Alef Preschool can enroll up to 68 students, with at least 50% of them being Palm Beach residents. Students will be between 18 months and 4 years old. The preschool also offers an extended day program. This will be for working parents and those who would like their children to have additional learning opportunities. However, operational concerns have come up. Many of the operational issues pertain to the planning and approval process have been due to traffic concerns. To mitigate this issue, The Alef School will have three student pickup locations.

The Town Council will review operations on June 14.



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