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Palm Beach Islander Wyatt Koch New Fashion Line

Palm Beach Islander Wyatt Koch is a man that you are sure to remember for many reasons—his style being one of those.

Wyatt Koch spent most of his adolescent years a long way from South Florida and the Town of Palm Beach. He was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and spent part of his childhood in Greenwich, Connecticut and the remainder in New York City. In 2006 Wyatt decided to make the move to the Town of Palm Beach so that he could spend more time with his family. Wyatt is the son of Palm Beach resident Bill Koch.

Wyatt fell in love with fashion at a very early age. He told us that both of his parents had a great sense of style and he believes that some of it rubbed off on him. “I thoroughly enjoyed going to fashion shows as a child.” The inspiration behind his style comes from a love of bright colors & patterns and putting them together. “I love men’s suits from the 60’s and 70’s” Koch stated during our interview.

Palm Beach Islander Wyatt Koch New Fashion Line

The list of Wyatt’s accomplishments is extensive, “In high school, I was voted most fashionable, and most likely to succeed.  In 2014, I was in a charitable fashion show for the Arc Foundation of Palm Beach County and won the most valuable model prize.  In 2015, I launched my fashion business, Wyatt Ingraham LLC, hired a terrific designer from the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, created my first line of men’s shirts, and had my debut fashion show to much acclaim.  In 2016, my first line of men’s shirts is in production, and we look forward to selling at some of the top boutiques in South Florida.”

What is incredible is that even as successful and busy Wyatt Koch is, he still remembers to give back to his community. He attends charitable events regularly in Palm Beach and has committed to donate 10% of all profits of Wyatt Ingraham to charity. “I really like Place of Hope which does an amazing job helping kids.  I support Gentlemen of the Gardens, Leukemia Society, American Red Cross, Hope for Haiti, Boys & Girls Club and Lighthouse Guild through their Posh 2016 event.”

When asked how people normally react to his style, Wyatt replied, “Mostly people love my style and flair, and compliment me.  Others are taken aback by it and don’t know what to make of it, but at least I get them looking and thinking.”

Keep turning heads, Wyatt. We wish you a tremendous amount of success with the fashion line and hope to be some of your first customers.

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