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Review – Cucina Dell’ Arte Palm Beach

We tend to dine out a lot on Palm Beach Island, but we never stopped to think how lucky we are to have so many good local restaurants. The other night we went to Cucina Dell Arte, or as it is known in the Town of Palm Beach, “Cucina”. Cucina is located on Royal Poinciana Way and has been a staple of good food towards the west end of the block. It is an open air styled restaurant with a style inside that I am not sure how to describe. There is a disco ball even, which apparently functions at night when this place turns more into a club.

Usually we tend to frequent Cucina Dell’ Arte Palm Beach during Brunch time on the weekends. Although the food isn’t the same caliber of some of the other brunch choices, it still suits our needs. This time around, I was craving Pizza, and since we do not have a tremendous selection of pizzerias on Palm Beach Island, I figured I might as well try Cucina.


Upon entering Cucina, you are quickly greeted by a pretty hostess. I am not sure how Cucina does it, but they always seem to have the loveliest hostesses and bartenders. Don’t tell my wife! We were seated behind the bar at a table for 4. As soon as the hostess left, our waitress arrived and took our drink orders. The drinks came but quick and we then placed our orders. I got the Margherita pizza ($15.00) with no basil, and my friend got the Gluten Free version of the same. It is important to note that Cucina makes their pizza Gluten Free for just $3.00 more an individual pie. It is a nice offering on the menu to accommodate all dietary needs. 

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Upon cutting off my first piece and trying it, the pizza had a hint of being grilled instead of baked, and it made for a nice taste and texture to the crust. The sauce was good but I prefer it on their pasta dishes, it needs to be a little sweeter for the pizza. The cheese was a tasty blend and had a nice hint of olive oil splashed on top. Combined this pizza wasn’t the absolute best I have tried, but I would definitely go back and eat it again, especially when comparing it to other pizzas on the island. The gluten free pizza dough comes pre-made so you don’t have to worry about it touching flour.

Review – Cucina Dell’ Arte Palm Beach

My guest had toppings on his pizza and it looked extremely soggy, so I would suggest you stay simple here and get the plain pie.

Cucina Dell’ Arte

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