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Man Jumps Flagler Bridge While Opening In Palm Beach

On Saturday morning, a man driving across Flagler Bridge made a dangerous attempt, and tried to be like the Dukes of Hazzard and tried jumping the bridge as it was rising. Instead of using caution and stopping for the protective arm that is supposed to prevent drivers from risking their lives, this driver plowed through the arm as the bridge slowly opened.

The driver’s SUV leaped over the rising roadway and jammed into the incline of the bridge after clearing the separation. The vehicle survived the impact of the crash on the incline of the concrete bridge. All of this was caught on video by the security cameras from the Bridge Conductors Station.

The man then emerged from the vehicle, looking confused and checking for damages to his vehicle. Once the bridge was safely down, the Palm Beach Police Department were quickly on the scene to diagnose what had happened. The driver was then identified as James Montano.

Montano claimed to have been looking at his GPS and did not see the multiple warning signs that the Flagler Bridge would be opening. In the captured video, you can easily see the man clearing the bridge at a decent speed, and plowing through the warning arm. There was a woman seated in the passenger seat, who also did not see the protective arm. Good thing all these devices in cars today don’t distract drivers!

Montano was charged with reckless driving, and both passengers were treated for minor injuries at the scene. Officials believe that both passengers in the car are extremely lucky for their timing; also that he did not hit anything else and go over the side. The deathly situations that could have incurred remind everyone the grave importance of paying attention while driving.

The bridge was closed for five hours on Saturday while crews worked diligently to repair the arm and assess any other possible damages. Made things tough for Town of Palm Beach residents on the weekend.

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