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Renovations for Town of Palm Beach Public Works Project

he North End Pumping Station of the Town of Palm Beach is looking for a remodeling to the current failing facilities. The Pumping Station located at 1060 North Lake Way provides vital protection for all residents and businesses north of 760 N. Ocean Blvd. The station has been in desperate need of fixing up, but was put on the back burner for Public Works in 2010.

The pump station has been chugging along, barely maintaining the minimum required actions for flood prevention in the area. The negligence of this Pump Station has finally come full circle, with its lack of function. Town Engineer, William Francis has stressed the importance of this pump station being at working capacity.

The drafts for the new facilities have begun, with improved pumps and varying heights to improve the efficiency of the structure. The tan and white structure will have alternating textures of stucco similar to other pump stations on Palm Beach Island. It will also be surrounded by large shrubbery to keep a demure look to the Pump Station, according to preliminary plans.

The Architectural Commission is heavily opposed to the current plans for the structure. They are challenging the team creating the designs to create a pleasurable public area as the Pumping Station. The complaints and concerns of the Architectural Commission have halted the current plans.

With Hurricane Season looming over the Town of Palm Beach, the new Pumping Station reconstruction is very important.  With 6 million dollars worth of improvement for this Town of Palm Beach Public Works project, it is not to the best idea to be pushed back much longer. If it continues to delay, the costs will increase, and will not be done by February as currently projected.

In July, the Architectural Commission will re-visit the plans and hopefully approve them to be sent to the Town Council.

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