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Swedish Hollywood Housewives Star Arrested in Palm Beach

Swedish Hollywood Housewives Star Arrested in Palm Beach. After an arrest and $545 later, a reality star is pleading not guilty to stealing sunglasses from the Chanel store located on Worth Avenue. According to Palm Beach Daily News, star of “Swedish Hollywood Housewives,” Gunilla Persson, will plead not guilty to those charges.

The original theft had occurred on May 22. According to Palm Beach Post, Persson had purchased a handbag at the store and slid the sunglasses “on the top of her head,” without paying for them as well as removing the tags. It was also said Persson “was going to return the sunglasses later,” as reported by Palm Beach Post.

Persson is no stranger to being arrested. Persson had been arrested in Texas during 1986, “Persson was arrested on a theft charge in the Dallas area and that she pleaded guilty and adjudication was withheld,” reported by Palm Beach Post.

Persson had also suffered a tragedy before. According to NBC Los Angeles, Persson lost her house in a fire in Los Angeles. She had escaped the fire with family. Her pets died in the fire that also took her home.

Swedish Hollywood Housewives Star Arrested in Palm Beach

Persson’s reality show is about “Swedish women living a glamorous Hollywood lifestyle with their rich American husbands,” according to Wikipedia. Persson had started on the show during the fourth season and remains on the show. According to the IMDB page, the show is still going on with Persson listed as a cast member.

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Persson has recently updated her Instagram over the weekend, with a photo of her mother getting out of an ambulance. The caption read “Vid tre-tiden på morgonen kommer vi äntligen hem med lilla mamma från sjukhuset med ambulans. Månsken inatt,” which translated to “At three o’clock in the morning, we finally come home with a little mother from the hospital with an ambulance. Moonlight in the night.” A photo before that indicated her mother was dealing with health related issues.

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