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Marathon Route in the Works for Town of Palm Beach

Who doesn’t love a fun run in the beautiful Town of Palm Beach? Better yet, a marathon in the Palm Beaches. This event is in the works.

If you ran in the 2017 Palm Beach Marathon, another marathon could be coming soon. If you’re a runner, get ready for some additional opportunities.

Ken Kennerly, who owns the Palm Beach Marathons, will appear in front of the Palm Beach Town Council on August 15 to ask to hold another marathon, according to Palm Beach Daily News.

Kennerly needs to get an approved route in order for this to happen again. Certain permits are required for marathons as well as police officers standing guard during events. All of this cost the Town of Palm Beach money.

According to the marathon’s website, they emphasize they want the marathon to be “locally owned.” This is why the Palm Beach Marathon, LLC was formed. Last year, a marathon was held where members of the Palm Beach community ran along Flagler drive.

Marathon Route in the Works for Town of Palm Beach

According to Palm Beach Daily News, about 3,500 people ran in last years marathon with costs for the overall event at about $1,925. The race website for this year emphasizes that the race will happen, “race or shine.” So if you are considering this event, make sure to prepare for that possibility, especially in Florida. They also offer free cowbells to those watching to cheer on friends and family.

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Route maps are still in the works, so make sure to check out their website for more updates. For more questions, email You can register for the marathon, here. Registration fees range from $35 to $240. This is all before September 1. Those who become registered also have access to the companies concerts, “the world’s biggest brunch,” and a fireworks show, according to their website.
The Marathon, Half and Relay are slated for December 2.

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