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Town of Palm Beach Town Council Debate

The candidates for The Town of Palm Beach Town Council were nominated last week during the annual Town Caucus and there is already a debate announced. Julie Araskog and Martin Klein, two nominees for the Group 2 Town Council seat being vacated by the Town Council President Michael Pucillo, will face each other in a debate organized by the Palm Beach Civic Association.

Residents also had the chance to hear the candidates at a debate held on Monday at Tideline Ocean Resort & Spa, organized by the Citizens’ Association of Palm Beach. Klein put the emphasis on his experience, while Araskog focused on fresh ideas. There was discussion about the $90 million town undergrounding project that both candidates approached cautiously. Klein stated that he favored undergrounding while Araskog was more concerned with the problem of cost reduction.

The upcoming debate organized by the Palm Beach Civic Association is scheduled for 10 a.m. on January 23, and will be held at The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea. Jim Sackett, retired WPTV5 News Anchor, will be the moderator of the debate.

Both Araskog and Klein filed their qualifying paperwork with the Town Clerk’s office on Wednesday, along with an endorsement petition signed by 25 registered town voters.

Residents who signed petition for Araskog include Anne and Bill Metzger, Gretchen and Howard Leach, Bill Diamond, Susan and Bruce Watts, Peggy Moore, Susan and Brad Gary, Jere Zenko, Lawrence Moens, Tom Quick, John David Corey, Michael McCarty, Jeff Cloninger, Orator Woodward, Danielle Moore and Lesly Smith.

Town of Palm Beach Town Council Debate

Her supporters have said that Araskog is sure to implement change, but do so at the pace residents would approve. Araskog herself has stated that there are many issues she wishes to tackle, such as development, traffic, beach nourishment and budget. She emphasized the importance of fiscal responsibility, proposed having a traffic manager and stated she would devote special attention to development in order to protect the quality of life in the town.

Residents who signed Klein’s petition include Deborah Pucillo, Tina Fanjul, Lewis Katz, Gerald Frank, Lloyd Ecclestone, Michael Ainslie, Harris Fried, Pamela McIver, Roberta Horwich, Matthew Smith, Daryl Glenney, Rhoda Kleid, Linda Wartow, Jack Cohen, Lee Goldstein and Alan Golboro.

Supporters of Klein emphasize his experience, stating that his 20 years of working at improving the town through the Planning and Zoning Commission can be of good use to the people of the town. Klein promised to be the voice of the residents on the Town Council and stated his belief that he is indeed the most qualified person for solving the pressing problems.

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