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Town of Palm Beach Shore Protection Board Needs Members

In case you missed it, here are this week’s Town of Palm Beach Town Council updates.

After stepping down 7 months ago, Richard Kleid will return to the Town of Palm Beach zoning board after serving previously for 13 years. According to Palm Beach Daily News, Kleid made his career with the Town Council in the 1990s. Kleid, who is 86, will have the role of a regular member of the Planning and Zoning Commission. He was elected in 2005 to the council. The term Kleid will serve is a three-year term.

Kleid is a former attorney, and has 45 years of law experience in real estate. Kleid is also a former president of the council as well as a former zoning chairman.

Some of the roles Kleid will handle will include updating zoning codes. He will take over the current seat of Alan Golboro, who is retiring, according to Palm Beach Daily News.

The next board meeting is set for November 27th at 9:30 am.

If you live in the Town of Palm Beach, you can be a part of the Shore Protection Board. If recent scares of the red tide impacted you, or you have concerns about the environment and beach for future generations, this may be a position to apply for.

Town of Palm Beach Shore Protection Board Needs Members

According to the Town’s website, they are looking for 3 members to apply. Two of the positions are people that can reapply One of the positions is strictly a final term for whoever holds the position.

Applications are due by November 30, and the appointments will occur December 11. Each term is about 3 years. You must be a resident of the Town of Palm Beach to apply.

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Applications are on the Town’s website, and all matters relate to protecting the shore in Palm Beach, according to the town’s website. You can all call the Town Clerk via 561 838-5416.

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