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Town of Palm Beach Crime Wrap-Up

The Town of Palm Beach had some interesting crime wrap-ups from earlier in the week. Both incidents were very different crimes for our area.

One involved a car crash along Ocean Blvd and the other involved a battery incident at the Breakers Hotel.

Palm Beach Daily News reported that a Tampa man committed battery at the Breakers hotel this past weekend.  The man, who was identified as Gustavo Cobeaga, 38 was charged with a misdemeanor battery at the hotel along A1A.

Cobeaga is also a regional manager for Telsa in Florida, according to the article. Cobeaga allegedly threw a “wet floor sign” down while he was walking by a woman in the hotel. The women tried to “hold him back” but he grabbed her “by the neck,” as reported by the article.

The woman “slapped him,” later police came and broke up the two. Cobeaga was visiting the hotel for a wedding. He was staying at another hotel at the time. The reason for his reaction was he didn’t want to pay for the hotel, as he wanted to stay at another hotel, according to Palm Beach Daily News.

Town of Palm Beach Crime Wrap-Up

The other crime-related incident involved a BMW and a man falling asleep behind the wheel. The man crashed into a transformer box, according to Palm Beach Daily News.

The man is a Palm Beach resident by the name of Richard Frisbie, 24. According to the article, he was cited for “careless driving,” and was charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. The crash occurred at 1650 N. Ocean Blvd. The car was going 25 mph in a 30 mph, crashing into a bicycle rack and two benches. There was also no “suspected drug or alchohol use.”

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It was also reported earlier that there were no injuries, from an earlier report that morning, which was reported around 5:30 am.

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