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Employee Pay, Town Docks on Yesterday’s Agenda

Yesterday’s Town Council meeting was scheduled to have included discussion on ways to boost employee pay and benefits, as first reported by the Palm Beach Daily News.

The Town of Palm Beach is attempting to become more competitive with other public employers in Palm Beach County.

High employee turnover—especially among police and firefighters—is a top concern for Palm Beach, according to town officials.

Consultant Evergreen Solutions’ report on March 15 showed that Palm Beach lags behind market peers in surrounding counties in pay and benefits.

Town Manager Kirk Blouin said Monday that, at Tuesday’s meeting, the council would narrow its focus to see how it compares with other public employers in the local job market. This data has taken time to compile.

“We are certainly getting closer,” Blouin said. “We’re narrowing down the options.”

Blown added that any action the council takes will likely need to be analyzed to determine the long-term financial implications, as this action is likely to affect the annual budget and pension costs.

Employee Pay, Town Docks on Yesterday’s Agenda

Also on the agenda for yesterday’s meeting was a change in the design of the new town marine to avoid encroachment upon a Florida Power & Light buried cable crossing.

FPL has informed the town that it won’t allow the dock to span its easement for the cable, which crosses the Lake Worth Lagoon near the Royal Park Bridge.

Public Works Director Paul Brazil said that to avoid the easement, the town would need to shorten the length of the new dock and shift its location slightly north.

“It is only a minor modification,” he said.

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The town also won’t be dredging in the area of the buried cable, so deep-draft boats won’t be able to go there, but the new dock will be able to accommodate boats over 100 feet long, he said.

As the marina is being designed, the town is seeking the required environmental permits before construction begins later this year. The project is estimated to cost $32 million. The three existing docks at the end of Brazilian, Australian and Peruvian avenues would be rebuilt, in addition to construction of the new dock at the end of Royal Palm Way.

The new marina will include larger slips, modern facilities and floating docks.

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