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Town of Palm Beach Business Update

The Town of Palm Beach certainly has some interesting business news ahead of them during this hectic time with season quickly approaching.  Not only does the news involve a sense of growth, but it also brought some loss with various retail locations in Palm Beach.

When you search the Kate Spade store on Worth Avenue, Google says it is permanently closed. Palm Beach Daily News also confirmed this. Recently, the designer, for which the brand is named for, Kate Spade passed away.

Some other stores that are closing are Le Macaron, which features French pastries.

Other retail locations that are closing are Roller Rabbit, a travel-inspired brand, according to their website and a shoe store, Pretty Ballerinas. The shoe store features all flat styled shoes.

The list continues with the following stores also closing in the area. Magasin, a men’s clothing store will be disappearing. “Magasin” in French means “store.” The store name also sounds like “magazine,” which the store intended on as they “tell stories,” according to their website.

Other stores include Vespa, the scooter store. The lingerie store Odile de Changy, this was one of the first American locations, according to Palm Beach Daily News. This was among many others that also closed.

Town of Palm Beach Business Update

However, a new addition to Worth Avenue includes a Lilly Pulitzer, which was previously reported on by Palm Beach Record and Palm Beach Daily News. Not only will the avenue receive the famed Florida-rooted brand, but they will also receive a restaurant addition to Worth Avenue. The store will come this upcoming November.

According to Palm Beach Daily News, Hai House replaced Costa, which recently closed, to at the Esplanade within Worth Avenue. Hai House is a Chinese restaurant.

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Not only that, during season time, they will feature “Wednesday on Worth,” 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. December to January. This will feature live music and will have a rotating location, all around Worth Avenue.

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