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Palm Beach Gets New Power System

Next month, if you live in the Town of Palm Beach, expect updates to your power system. The updates will take place to the underground system.

According to Palm Beach Daily News, the new transformer switch is being conducted by Florida Power and Light. It will be done in a few phases. According to the report, Phase 1 costs about $10.4 million. This includes about $6.3 million for the south end of Palm Beach and $4.1 million for the north end.

Phase 1 includes the Onondaga Avenue and the Palm Beach Inlet (north) and Sloan’s Curve and the south Town limit (south.) The construction of the underground system should be completed by the summertime which means we could see a lot of traffic during season.

This impacts the cable companies, AT&T and Comcast, as they need to account for the new changes coming to the Town of Palm Beach.

They will convert their customers soon to this new underground system. Cable and television lines will be connected to the underground system by March 31, according to Palm Beach Daily News.

The construction company that is overseeing this process is Burkhardt Construction for Phase 1, north. For the south portion, Whiting-Turner Contracting oversees that portion.

The Town previously approved a $369,000 contract with “All County Paving.” Florida Public Utilities will pay for half of that, according to the report. That estimates about $184,500. There will also be no resurfacing to any of the roads involved in this process, the only “resurfacing” is any 100 ft long road patches.

Palm Beach Gets New Power System

Phase 2 will follow once Phase 1 is complete. Phase 2 also has a north and south part. North includes Onondaga Avenue to Ocean Terrace. The south portion includes Sloan’s Curve to Via Vizcaya. The north portion has begun and should take about 15 months. South was delayed due to a price arrangement.

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Once all work is done, landscapers will screen all of the utility boxes, according to the report.

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