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Donald Trump Helicopter Allowed to Land at Mar-a-Lago Club

Residents of The Town of Palm Beach will soon be hearing the sound of rotors spinning around for at least the next 4 years. President-elect Trump’s $7 million dollar helicopter is now allowed to take off and land at Mar-a-Lago Club when he’s in town. This was approved by the Town of Palm Beach Town Council at their meeting on Tuesday.

The resolution designated Mar-a-Lago club, at 1100 S. Ocean Blvd. Palm Beach, as a takeoff and landing spot for the helicopter during President Trump’s “term of office.” This could mean four to eight years of disturbance for the neighbors who live nearby as the noise is sure to wake them, and the wind is likely to destroy landscaping.

Previously, the resolution was moved from the consent agenda because Town Attorney John C. Randolph had to clarify the wording of it. According to Randolph, existing code is not changed by the resolution and it only makes a designation for business that relates only to the office of presidency.

Donald Trump Helicopter Allowed to Land at Mar-a-Lago Club

The resolution was approved unanimously by all members of the council. It is important to note that the resolution only designated Mar-a-Lago a take off and landing spot. Installing a helipad on the property, however, would require additional approval, according to the officials at the meeting. Previously it was rumored that Trump will seek this approval in order to prevent traffic delays due to motorcade activity, but no official request has been made yet. Many residents are torn between the helicopter landing or having traffic backed up each and every time President Trump is in town enjoy the beauty of Palm Beach Island.

Many who attended the New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago might have noticed that Trump’s helicopter was on the lakeside lawn. Trump also has a giant Boeing 757, but do not expect that to land in the Town of Palm Beach anytime soon.

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