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Town of Palm Beach Police Department Gets New Equipment

The Town of Palm Beach Police Department gets new equipment. These new items include cars and rifles, both for safety and improvement categories.

According to the Palm Beach Daily News, the Town Council of Palm Beach has purchased two new rifles. The cost to the Town is $14,522. This upgrade was due for preparation only and has no connection to anything else in the Town of Palm Beach.

What are these rifles for? Not for any presidential visits, but various safety precautions for this upcoming year and beyond. There was possible rumor around Town that the new safety gear was purchased as precautions for Mar-a-Lago. This is not the case.

While the Palm Beach Police Department always plans and provides security while the president visits, these rifles were purchased for the department as new precautions. Some of this includes traffic management, which may include closing off roads for those who live in the area.

These are used in serious situations, such as kidnappings, and active shooters. The type of rifle purchased called, “new high-precision rifles,” can shoot 100 yards away from a said target, according to the article.

With recent violent incidents in neighboring cities, the Town of Palm Beach has taken various precautions, such as a panel the Chamber of Commerce held in regards to active shooting. This could have some sort of relation.

Town of Palm Beach Police Department Gets New Equipment

According to the article, since 1989, the Palm Beach police department has snipers, but none have ever needed to be fired. This new investment was the make sure that the department has a good plan in case of an emergency.

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This wasn’t the only new item that came into the police department. According to the article, the town council has also approved $125,662 which would be used to purchase 2019 Ford Interceptor cars.

These vehicles are the “#1 seller” of police cars in the US, according to Fleet Ford. There is also a hybrid option of the Interceptor, according to Motoring Research.

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