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Linen Store on Worth Ave Has Closed

After a decade of being open on Worth Avenue, the linen store, Pratesi, has closed.  According to Palm Beach Daily News, the store closed last month. Since being purchased by the company, J2 Brands Group, many stores around America and Italy has closed. The only remaining store that is open is in Boston, but according to the article, it may not be open much longer.

Connie Chinaglia, quoted in the article from Palm Beach Daily News, says that the closing is due to the brand “restructuring.” The article has also stated that “more than 60 Italian workers were left without a job,” due to the various closings of stores.

Many customers were shocked by the closing. Pratesi is an Italian based brand.  Many celebrities, including the late Elizabeth Taylor, were fans of the brand. The website states an emphasis on family, citing the philosophy of the company is based on “the full support of family.”

The websites history of the brand talks about how the brand went from a small artistic brand to a luxury, complete expansion. This company started with a family who embroidered various pieces of fabric. The very first store opened in 1972 on Madison Avenue in New York, according to the Pratesi website.

Linen Store on Worth Ave Has Closed

The online linen collection features classic linens and some products that look hand painted. The brand features cotton, cashmere, and wool.

This store was a community favorite in the Town of Palm Beach. The brand remains online were most of the products, that were available in the stores, can be found. The website confirms the same point in the article that the store is now online due to a “strategic expansion phase.”

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The Pratesi website  states “stay tuned, the best is yet to come.” The website does not indicate if there would be more stores to come or if the Worth Avenue store in the Town of Palm Beach would reopen.

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