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Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Holds Panel

This past week, the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce held a meeting in the Town of Palm Beach. The topic, security, and, shooting. The focus? Making sure there is a concrete plan when there is an active shooter in an area you may be in or around.

According to Palm Beach Daily News, this event was a panel on dealing with an active shooter in the workplace and in schools. Featured on the panel were the following individuals, Nabil Erian, Ryan Yanca and Patrick Kenny. The leading panelist was John Haymore, who is the president of the Human Resources Association of Palm Beach County.

The sub-topics of the panel involved preparing a workplace and school for the violent crime of an on-site shooter. This was a kickoff event for the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Recently, there was a shooting at a local high school during a football game. Another tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School,  also shifted our mindset to safety and security, especially since both occurred in the area.

Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce Holds Panel

One important piece of advice was to “run” to escape an active shooter, as given by Patrick Kenny. Kenny is the commander of the behavioral services division with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Another important subject of the panel was increasing security during this time of violent crime occurring. Yanca had lived through a shooting, according to the article. Yanca referred to it “as the longest two minutes of his life.” This is why Yanca also believes to always have a plan during an active shooting.

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In regards to schools and preparing for shootings, Palm Beach Daily News has reported that cops were on patrol on the first day of school in mid-August at a public school in Palm Beach. According to the article, this was a deal between Palm Beach County School District and the Palm Beach Police Department.

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