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Lilly Pulitzer Coming to Worth Ave in Palm Beach

Lilly Pulitzer is coming back to Palm Beach, on our gorgeous and luxurious, Worth Avenue, According to Palm Beach Daily News,

The Pulitzer brand is synonymous with Palm Beach. It is a gorgeous bright and vibrant floral print look, which has built its iconic look on the use of pinks and flowers. According to Palm Beach Daily News, the opening is around the 60th anniversary of the brand.

Lilly Pulitzer has an interesting history. The reasons Lilly made the designs so bright is to “mask juice stains” from her husband. The brand has Florida roots, as it started in the 1960s in the citrus state. Those involved with Worth Avenue were pleased to have this brand come back to it’s Florida roots.

On the day of the November 10 event, those attending can create a custom dress from the brand itself. This is to celebrate the 60 year anniversary.

When you log onto the Lilly Pulitzer site, you are greeted by various bright patterns and photos of models in these gorgeous, Florida inspired themes. Nothing is dull on the website, making it perfect to return to the bright and bubbly, Worth Avenue.

Lilly Pulitzer Coming to Worth Ave in Palm Beach

On the company website, the brand says “Lilly Pulitzer is a lifestyle. A frame of mind, where the door’s always open and the clothing’s always designed sunny side up.” Even with this brand starting from the designer not wanting to stain her clothes, it has come a long way and become a staple in classic and chic fashion.

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There was another fun fact that was listed on the website. That being that Lilly’s name is hidden in all the patterns, which adds to the fun and uniqueness of the brand, itself. Unfortunately, Lilly passed away in 2013. Her happiness and brightness will live on forever through her timeless and iconic vision. It certainly belongs on Worth Avenue.  

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