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Various Crimes Occur in Palm Beach Last Week

This past week, there were various crimes that occurred.  A Vero Beach man was caught with possession of marijuana in the Town of Palm Beach. The possession in question was about 1,100 grams, according to Palm Beach Daily News. Jerry Gibalski was walking towards his car when local authorities smelled marijuana, which resulted in the discovery of 40 ounces and other marijuana related item and the subsequent arrest. Gibalski was charged with possession of marijuana with intention to sell.

In other criminal related news, a man was arrested in the Town of Palm Beach for not paying his tab and assaulting a man. According to Palm Beach Daily News, Scott Charles Brown did not pay his $120 tab at Renato’s, which is a well frequented, local restaurant Palm Beach.  According to the article, Brown was very intoxicated and attacked a 68 year old man who did not like the language he was using. Brown then pushed the man two times in the chest and attempted to punch him. The restaurant did not prosecute Brown for his unpaid tab. Brown was arrested on the charge of battery on a person 65 years or older.

Palm Beach Police have dropped charges against Keith Perlicz, who was initially charged with a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest without violence. Perlicz will serve 10 community service hours, and pay $100 to cover the state prosecution instead.

Various Crimes Occur in Palm Beach Last Week

This arrest had occurred over the summer at a rally called “Confront Corruption and Demand Democracy,” which was a march from Mar-a-Lago to Flagler Drive that held a candlelit vigil. Perlicz was involved with the rally, and was a speaker at the rally. This was organized by Mark Offerman and Ari Silver, who are high school students.

According to the article, the goal of this was “degradation and corruption of the American government,”.

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The police had asked Perlicz to march on the sidewalk and he ignored their request, which prompted them to arrest him.

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