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Local Palm Beaches Closed This Weekend

Possible “red tide” has come to the Palm Beaches, resulting in local Palm Beaches closed This Weekend on the island. According to Palm Beach Daily News, the 27-mile stretches of beaches in Palm Beach closed this Sunday due to various complications with swimmers involving their eyes, their breathing and skin irritations.

Not only did beaches in Palm Beach close, but Martin County also had their beaches closed. While conditions still remain unknown, many believe it could be caused by the “red tide,” which may not be the official name yet. The “red tide” may not have a smell, but it is involved with algae. The algae, called Karenia Brevis, which creates toxins when inhaled, despite there being no smell.

According to the article, many beachgoers reported painful throats after swimming in the various beaches. Not only does this impact humans, but it can also impact marine life as well. According to the article, this can impact their nervous system. In some cases, this can cause paralysis among marine life when in contact with these toxins. Water samples were performed over the weekend and there will be more updates to come.

Many lifeguards wore face masks not to inhale the toxins at the beach. While there is uncertainty what this may be, there still had yet to be a confirmation if this is a red tide.

Local Palm Beaches Closed This Weekend

The beaches didn’t just have this so-called “red tide” but also may have had shark sightings over the weekend, which also caused them to shut down the beaches. Some beachgoers were concerned, as beaches in this state are what brings in tourism to help benefit our economy.

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Rick Scott has made some recent headlines in regards to the “red tide.” Scott, who is currently running to take Bill Nelson’s seat, has been heckled by protesting with his take on the red tide situation in Florida. According to Palm Beach Post, this happened in Venice, FL. Some protesters called him a “coward” and others placed the blame of this red tide on him.

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