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ICYMI: Town of Palm Beach Crime

There’s never a dull moment in Palm Beach. From a heroin-related flee to a police investigation, new crime news that hit the Town of Palm Beach this past week.

Last Friday, around 12:30 pm a man reportedly ran up to landscapers, looking for heroin, and proceeded to threaten them. When he was approached by Palm Beach Police, he ran.  The man had threatened landscapers with a gun, that was ruled to not be a firearm later on because the landscapers threatened to call the police. This resulted in the man hiding when the cops were called.

According to Palm Beach Daily News, Zack McAllister Halle, of Maryland, was arrested in Palm Beach. He was arrested on charges of “three felony counts of aggravated assault with the intent to commit a felony” as well as “resisting an officer without violence and loitering or prowling.” He still is being held on a $30,000 bond.

This wasn’t the only piece of news regarding crime this week. One major event involved our very own police department.

According to Palm Beach Daily News, a man was hired to the police department with an arrest record and false military documentation. The man was reported to be Jose Rodriguez, who had a previous criminal history. According to the article, this started with Rodriguez girlfriend saying she had been “living in fear” of her boyfriend.

ICYMI: Town of Palm Beach Crime

It was also reported that “Rodriguez altered his 2005 Marine Corps discharge form to make it appear as though he was forced to leave because of a speeding ticket, the internal affairs report said.”  It was later found out it was more than that and Rodriguez had been arrested seven times. It was found out that Rodriguez had also lied on his psychological examination.

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Town Manager Kirk Blouin told Palm Beach Daily News that “It was clear they could’ve done a better job,” regarding the Rodriguez investigation.

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