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Have $95,000 a Month To Rent Dr. Oz Palm Beach House?

Do you have $95,000 a month to rent Dr. Oz Palm Beach House? Well with the Town winter season fast-approaching, vacation rentals are up for grabs on the island of Palm Beach. From town-homes to mansions, nearly 200 properties will be listed for lease this coming season. Two of the most expensive mansions available have begun to pique the interests of renters, and have already received partial bookings, with astounding prices.

The Fite Group has listed a landmarked home designed by Addison Mizner located at 473 North County Road, built in 1919 and owned by Dr. Oz, who is best known for his work on “The Oprah Show” and the popular long-running series, “The Dr. Oz Show.” The mansion is listed for the low price of $95,000 monthly, along with a hefty $90,000 deposit. The 12-bedroom beachfront estate was purchased by the Oz family in 2015 for $18 million.

Have $95,000 a Month To Rent Dr. Oz Palm Beach House?

For only $135,000 a month for a minimum of six months, the beachfront mansion located at 100 El Bravo Way is available for the taking, as the most expensive rental in the Town of Palm Beach. According to the Corcoran Group, the home has been leased this winter for a minimum of three months.

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For those in the market but seeking alternate price ranges can review other available listings through the Palm Beach Board of Realtors’ publishings, or other local publications. There you will find over 70 single-family properties, as well as townhouses, and nearly 100 units in multifamily buildings which are available to lease for the season.

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