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Town of Palm Beach Turned 105 on April 17th

Yesterday, April 17th, the Town of Palm Beach celebrated its 105th year of official incorporation. According to the Town of Palm Beach website, “Thirty-five men (women did not have the vote yet) met at the Palm Beach Hotel that night [April 17th, 1911] and voted to incorporate what was only the second recognized municipality in Palm Beach County.” Since then, it has grown into a world renowned tourist destination and become either a full time or winter home to some of South Florida’s most elite.

Palm Beach’s resilience and ability to persevere through trying times is one of the many things that has helped shaped this community. When America entered the First World War, Palm Beach was in its early developmental stages and showed no sign of stopping, as is evident from local headlines which read “Building Goes Forward in Palm Beach past Season Despite War.” 

Jay Boodheshwar, Deputy Town Manager, was the employee assigned to plan the Centennial Celebration back in 2011 and had a lot to say about this beautiful town he calls home. He has spent ten years on Palm Beach Island. In these ten years he has served as Director of Recreation, Director of Recreation & Special Projects, and Deputy Town Manager. His involvement in this community makes him the perfect subject to question about the evolution and special qualities of the Town.

Town of Palm Beach Turned 105 on April 17th

More recently, during the Great Recession, Palm Beach continued to show its ability to overcome obstacles while keeping its citizens in mind.  “During the Great Recession, while serving as Director of Recreation, staff was challenged to look at every aspect of how recreation services were delivered to the community” stated, now Deputy Town Manager, Jay Boodheshwar. “Difficult decisions had to be made to “right size” Town government, which led to a leaner staff without compromising the quality of services provided to the community.”

Palm Beach also has a history of caring for others. As Mr. Boodheshwar remarks “There are countless qualities about Palm Beach that attracted me to the Town (and have kept me here), [one of them being]… the community’s dedication to philanthropy.” Thanks to the generosity of its citizens, Palm Beach has the highest amount of monetary donations to charity out of every other community in America.

Jay Boodheshwar has served in many municipalities but told us that this area is special because, “Town of Palm Beach is one of the premier communities when it comes to governance, management, and preservation.”

The Town of Palm Beach is a historical treasure and deserves to be celebrated. So, happy 105th birthday Palm Beach Island! 

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