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Dangerous Palm Trees Town of Palm Beach

It’s something that hundreds of unfortunate Americans experience every year: You find that coveted parking spot close to the entrance and in the shade, the best spot in the lot, and make your way in to the store to do some shopping. On your way out, however, you’re shocked to discover that your windshield has been crushed by a fallen branch from one of the Dangerous Palm Trees in the Town of Palm Beach.

Though many questions might be racing through your mind, the only one that really matters in that moment is “how is your car going to be fixed and who is going to cover the costs”?

Some might think the answer is simple, that whoever owns the dangerous palm tree is responsible for its maintenance and therefore any damage it might cause to someone or their property. However, as an unlucky Town of Palm Beach employee found out the hard way this week, that isn’t always the case.

The fact is, damage from a falling tree branch is classified as caused by “an instance of uncontrollable natural forces”, and for that reason it will have to be covered by your insurance, usually under Act of God.

Dangerous Palm Trees Town of Palm Beach

That’s right, whether a tree belongs to the Town, your neighbor, or anyone for that matter, any damage it causes to your vehicle might come out of your own pocket. Though the tall majestic palms that line our manicured streets are part of what contributes to our town’s incredible beauty, the effect of a branch falling from that height can be significant enough to damage ones car or even severely harm someone walking below and then leave them with the bill.

Fortunately, that doesn’t always have to be the case. A good way to keep yourself and your community safe, as well as protect your deductible from rising, is to notify whoever owns a neglected tree, usually in writing, that their tree might need to be looked at by a professional. In doing so, if the owner of the tree doesn’t take care of the problem, anyone who gets hurt or has property damaged by said tree won’t also have to cover the costs of someone else’s mistake.

Misfortune always seems to strike when we least expect it. By keeping an eye on and doing ones part to take care of things like overgrown or decaying branches, we are also doing our part and looking after each other. And if there’s two things everyone looks for in a good city, it’s a sense of community and, of course, the best spot in the lot. Always look up!

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