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Town of Palm Beach’s Utility Lines Project Making Some Progress

After months of meetings and planning, it seems that the project to bury all of the Town of Palm Beach’s utility lines is finally making some noticeable progress.

The undergrounding project, which will cost the Town of Palm Beach an estimated total of $90 million (in bonds) to finance, is about to enter the designing phase; which the Town Council has commissioned Kimley – Horn and Associates (who have been in the business since the late 60s) to complete for $2.1 million.

Though the project is in more than capable hands, the residents of Palm Beach should not expect to see clear skies unpolluted by utility cables and poles anytime soon. In an effort to minimize the impact to traffic and neighborhoods, the project is set to be completed in phases.

In the first phase, construction will begin simultaneously on both the northern and southern ends of the Island, with the remaining phases presumably consisting of working the construction sites inward until they meet somewhere in the middle of the Town of Palm Beach.

On the official timeline for the undergrounding project, it is stated that it will take approximately “10 years or less for design and construction” to be complete for the project.

Town of Palm Beach’s Utility Lines Project Making Some Progress

In addition to burying the unsightly utility wires, the Town of Palm Beach is also “examining how to improve cell phone coverage in the Town using the new decorative street lights”, said a representative of the project, possibly with the use of micro cell sites which can be installed on the new “decorative street lights” which will replace the ones currently connected to the utility poles.

Better cell coverage paired with the fiber optic conduits, which will also be installed thanks to the undergrounding project, will help modernize the Town of Palm Beach and keep its residents connected and up to date on the latest tech for years to come.

Bidding for the first construction phase of the undergrounding project is set to begin next year, once Kimley – Horn and Associates has completed the first part of the master plan.

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