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Town of Palm Beach is the Wealthiest in County

Palm Beach County has been ranked as the fifth richest county in Florida, with a medium household income of $53,242 and a per capita income of $33,610, based on the data collected by the United States Census Bureau in 2012.

This information should come as no surprise to the residents of the Town of Palm Beach, who are not only used to seeing extravagant vias and posh shops around every corner but are also aware of the national corporate giants who reside in their very own backyards.

For those residents of Palm Beach County who are curious as to which town or city is the wealthiest in the county, the answer should also come as no surprise: the Town of Palm Beach, of course.

Town of Palm Beach is the Wealthiest in County

The small and exclusive island Town of Palm Beach (with a population of about 8,500 year round residents) is an economic powerhouse, seemingly cut off from the rest of society in a lavish bubble with a terrific view of the ocean. It is the richest town in Palm Beach County and the 3rd richest town in all of Florida, behind only Jupiter Island as the wealthiest and Manalapan as the 2nd wealthiest. The town of Palm Beach has been synonymous with wealth and indulgence for decades, with the town being established as a resort by Henry Flagler in the early 1900s.

Home to well over 20 billionaires, including the founder of “Enterprise Rent -a- car” Jack Taylor (who is worth around $10 billion), real-estate developer and politician Donald Trump (with a net worth of around $4 billion), as well as Thomas Peterffy, self-made billionaire and the richest man in Florida, who has an estimated net worth of just over $13 billion, The town of Palm Beach has a hefty income per capita of $125,537.

Town of Palm Beach residents have a lot to be proud of.

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