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Palm Beach Billionaire Enters Gubernatorial Race

It’s 2018 and midterm elections are heating up in the South, especially in Palm Beach. Currently, in the Democratic Gubernatorial race, Mayor Philip Levine is in the lead. Other hopefuls include Chris King, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and former U.S. Representative, Gwen Graham. However, the tides may take a new turn because there is now a newly reported candidate, who happens to be a Town of Palm Beach resident.

It’s billionaire Jeff Greene. Greene is a member of the Mar-a-Lago club, and a large land owner in neighboring West Palm Beach.  This isn’t Greene’s first time at a run for a political office. Greene lost his Senate bid in 2010, where he also ran as a Democrat. Greene is also one of the largest property owners in the Town of Palm Beach.

While Greene has ties to Trump and is “friendly” with him, Green has also publicly denounced some of Trump’s past events. This included Trump’s reference to “locker room banter,” as reported by Palm Beach Daily News.

However, Greene has had backlash recently regarding land and real estate. One of which was cited as the “One West Palm project,” which was projected at $250 million. It was reported that Greene is in the process of working out details in regards to that project.

Greene is also a founder of the “Greene School” in Palm Beach. He founded this school to benefit his children, as he didn’t approve of their local options. Future plans for this school include a tennis court nearby.

Greene has also clarified he supports higher wages for workers and higher taxes on the wealthy, as reported by Palm Beach Daily News.

Palm Beach Billionaire Enters Gubernatorial Race

Greene has some experience of running for office in the past. Once as a Republican in California, and then as a Democrat for the Florida Senate in 2010, according to Florida Politics. It was also reported, while he supported Hillary Clinton in the election, he did urge those close to him to support Trump.

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Why? His not so typical political background may be a different way to approach different things in the political world. There will be more to come regarding this primary election, things are only beginning.

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