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Taking the Town of Palm Beach Code Enforcement to District Court

The Code Enforcement for the Town of Palm Beach is known as a stickler when it comes to enforcing the regulations of the town. Recently the Town of Palm Beach Code Enforcement Board has been at the location of 224 Atlantic due to a modification to a 1979 title agreement.

The Code Enforcement Board contacted the owner of the property on Atlantic several times to update the agreement. The root of the disagreement comes over to the parking spaces allotted by the original agreement in 1979, given to the 223 Atlantic residents. With upcoming requests to renovate 224 Atlantic into a single family home, the parking spaces have become a hot commodity.

The appeal against the Code Enforcement has been filed in the Palm Beach Country Circuit Court since it is not under the jurisdiction of thePalm Beach Town Council. They are appealing the continuous fines that are implemented after a violation was made known to the owner.

What could this mean for the Code Enforcement Board? There are some outcomes that could occur, compensation to the owner or more fines for the owner to pay. This could also start a trend with property and business owner who have been victim to the continuous fines imposed by Code Enforcement.

The appeal has been filed; a hearing date has not been announced.

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