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Proposed New Southern Bridge to Palm Beach

Florida Department of Transportation has its sights set on the Southern Bridge to Palm Beach as the next project in transportation to our island.  While The Flagler Memorial Bridge is still heavily under construction but nearing its completion, the Southern Bridge to Palm Beach plans are underway.

Currently, Southern Bridge links to the mainland at Flagler Driver. It is the lowest of all the bridges and nestled with a park area near each end. Plans have already begun on an expansion and complete redesign of the Southern Bridge. Many factors are being recognized. Economic and environmental advancements to protect Palm Beach Island travel but also creating an efficient bridge are some of the concerns. The ascetics are not left out, various architects have already lent their expertise and started designing for this new bridge.

Construction would not begin till 2016 and a temporary bridge will be constructed and used while the original bridge is thoroughly re-done. Renderings began earlier this year, and the Department of Transportation has included the Town of Palm Beach Landmark Commission on the committee to ensure that the design is elegant and fits the Town of Palm Beach standard.

A few of the current designers and architects involved are inspired by Royal Park Bridge and the arches and stone used to create the bridge. Many plans include more pedestrian features, like safer sidewalks and shade using vegetation on pergolas. The bridge will be much wider to accommodate accidents and car breakdowns, and also friendlier to bikers.

The Southern Bridge is not to be completed till 2019 if all pans out according to the timeline set forth by the committee. Designs are due for consideration at the end of 2015, and the committee will choose an architecture and designer to begin this mammoth project.

The project will cost close to 80 million dollars as it is proposed. Learning from the experience in re-doing the two other main bridges in the Town of Palm Beach, they are hoping for a remarkable bridge to represent the remarkable Town we live in.

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