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Palm Beach Residents Can Apply to Code Enforcement Board

Have you ever wanted to be involved in local politics within your community? Now is your chance. The Town of Palm Beach is currently taking applicants for the Code Enforcement Board.

The role of the Code Enforcement Board is simple. Code Enforcement Board tasks include hearing various cases on violations of Town Code and imposing fees for certain violations.

To qualify you need to be a resident of the Town and also be registered to vote in the Town of Palm Beach. You will be appointed by your interest in zoning and building control.

As well as the other qualifications, you must complete the proper application for the position. You can also call 561-838-5416, which is the Town Clerk’s Office for the application.

You can email to turn in your application or you can turn it in via hard copy to the Town Clerk’s office. It is due by June 29th, at 5 pm.

Currently, the board consists of 8 members, with a Chair and a Vice Chair. Members include Robert G. Donnelley, Scotch Peloso, Daniel McDonnell, Rosemary G. Carpenter, Linda K. Wartow, and Steven Meltzer. The Chair of the board is Matthew Natale and the Vice Chair is Jay N. Nisberg.

Palm Beach Residents Can Apply to Code Enforcement Board

The most recent Code Enforcement Board meeting occurred May 17th, and topics included 9 hearing cases:

Cases for 5/17

  • Case # CE 18-177, 139 N. County Rd. #8, Joseph Paul Davis Interiors & Paramount
    Church Inc.
  • Case # CE 18-255, 235 Sunrise Ave. #CM23 – CM26, Trainer’s Gym of Palm Beach LLC
    & Palm Beach Hotel
  • Case # CE 18-223, 216 Bermuda Ln., Dennis & Polly Selko
  • Case # CE 17-1518, 240 S. County Rd., Thomas & Sandra Campaniello
  • Case # CE 18-218, 264 S. County Rd., Carriage House Properties Partners LLC
  • Case # CE 18-225, 1263 N. Lake Way, Henry & Susan McIntosh
  • Case # CE 18-226, 3230 S. Ocean Blvd., #A201, Yvonee M. Anderson
  • Case # CE 18-318, 301 Polmer Park, Braxca Palm Beach Trust
  • Case # CE 18-352, 241 El Dorado Ln., Haifa General Contracting LLC

You can view the latest agenda here.

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Stay tuned for the Town Council meeting July 10th for appointments to the board.

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