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Summer Crime in The Town of Palm Beach

As every resident of Palm Beach County knows, the Town of Palm Beach is one of the safest towns in all of South Florida. The entire town, seemingly cut off from the rest of Florida on its own little island, has a reported crime rate of around 165 a year, of which 5 would be considered a violent crime.

Though the residents of The Town of Palm Beach are relatively safe from crime, with a 1 in 1701 chance of being a victim on the island, the fact that a great majority of them are wealthy means that Palm Beach Town residents and their homes can be tempting targets to criminals looking to make a quick buck at your expense.

Burglary and theft, which make up around 95% of the crime reported in the Town of Palm Beach, has a noticeable correlation with the seasons in the U.S., dropping during winter and then increasing sharply during the summer months according to a DOJ report. Though some attribute the rise in summer crime in the Town of Palm Beach to the heat, odds are that it is simply because most people spend less time at home during these months (many people go on vacation during summer break) thus leaving criminals with more opportunities to break in.

Town of Palm Beach residents can protect their homes from opportunist burglars by knowing how these criminals operate and taking advantage of town resources put in place to help protect its residents.

Summer Crime in The Town of Palm Beach

A good example of this would be the fact that many burglars don’t just break into homes blindly anymore; thanks to modern security systems, they must now do some prior reconnaissance to see if there are any holes in a home’s security and if it is worth the risk to break into.

One way they do this is by pretending to be with a company/organization and going door to door soliciting in order to get a peek inside your home.

The good news is that door-to-door solicitation requires a permit in the Town of Palm Beach; “If a salesperson comes to your door, ask to see his/her Town of Palm Beach issued door-to-door solicitation identification card bearing the photograph of the individual representative of that company” stated Kirk Blouin, the Director of Public Safety. If they don’t have one, it could mean that they are up to no good and local authorities should be contacted.

Another perk of living on the island is that residents may register for the No Solicitation List, which ensures no one will bother you at home without violating a town ordinance.

Residents can also sign up for community alerts on the Palm Beach police website, which will warn you if any suspicious activity has been reported on the island while you enjoy your summer.

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