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Phipps Ocean Park Nourishment Project

The Town Council of Palm Beach is currently discussing plans of replenishing Phipps Ocean Park’s sand. If the expected budget is granted, $16.9 million will be given to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co., who are based out of Oak Brook, IL so they can fulfill their plan of transferring 1 million cubic yards of sand to Palm Beach parks. The transferred sand will cover the north end of Phipps Ocean Park, and span all the way to the end of Kreusler Park.

Many other contractors such as Weeks Marine, headquartered in Cranford, NJ and Norfolk Dredging Co. which appears based out of Stuart, FL submitted bids to take on the task, but town officials have stated that they were asking for excessively high budgets. The Town of Palm Beach has already budgeted $15.1 million for the project, but the chosen contractors have asked for more money due to the large price of sand and transportation costs.

In addition to the sand that will cover the large area of the beach, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. is also requesting an extra 25,000 cubic yards of sand in case should anything go wrong throughout the process. The price tag is high, as it would add $288,750 to the initial rate. The total cost of the restorative project would be $17.6 million, including a $1 million contingency fund and $300,000 for construction supervision.

While the project is expensive, it is arguably necessary. According to Town of Palm Beach officials, Phipps Ocean Park has a rapidly eroding shoreline because it has not been the subject of a nourishment project since 2006. If the project is fully authorized, construction would begin on October 1st and continue on throughout this winter.

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