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Memorial Park Palm Beach Renovations Halted

The first stage of major renovations to Memorial Park Palm Beach and the Memorial Fountain in the Town of Palm Beach were completed on June 1st. However, the project has been slowed down to a halt until October. Managers have decided to delay the project in order for it to open at the height of South Florida’s busiest season, January.

The refinishing and restoration of the fountain within the park, which was originally constructed by Addison Mizner in 1929, has been underway since the past winter. One of most expensive aspects of the project is the fountain, as it is time-consuming and requires an intricate process. Many project leaders believe the longer timeline will be beneficial, as reconstruction on the fountain is no longer rushed. The statues incorporated in the fountain are currently under restoration in a suburb of Toronto, and they are expected to be completed by July. The total cost of the fountain restoration is $1.2 million.

The first phase of renovations to Memorial Park included an addition of foliage, as well as comfortable benches. Planners prioritized visitors’ complaints about the lack of pedestrian-friendly features when drafting preliminary renovation designs.

The upcoming stage of renovation will include repaving sidewalks and adding designated walkways for visitors. With these improvements, there will be added protection from the busy streets that surround the park. Several young palm trees are also expected to be planted. They will replace tall, older royal palms and provide more shade to visitors.

The June 1st deadline was vital to managers of the project, as they wanted to receive a historic preservation grant from the state. Fortunately, they are not as worried now because the Centennial Commission in Palm Beach has continuously raised funds for the project. Their contribution has brought a large amount of support that compensates for the loss of the grant. Aside from financial concerns, the Town Council of Palm Beach is nervous about the October start date for the second phase of the project. The month of October traditionally marks the beginning of the tourist season in the Town of Palm Beach, and more residents return back south for the winter.

Construction might bring traffic delays on South Country Road during the month of October, but all residents and vacationers will enjoy an unveiling ceremony of the revitalized Memorial Park in January of 2016.

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