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Town of Palm Beach Parking Meters

The Town of Palm Beach has been pleased with the use of the updated and progressive parking meters. Last year the Town had reasoned that the new parking machines might need to be removed, but recent updates have made them more efficient.

Visitors and residents alike on Palm Beach Island are seeing more of these multi-space parking kiosks pop up in popular places. Along the beach, these are extremely useful. You will notice them on side streets as well and even around Worth Avenue, they seem to encourage self-parking. These machines are generating revenue by charging $2 per hour to park; most kiosks only take credit cards or smart cards purchased at Palm Beach Town Hall.

These Town of Palm Beach parking meters have streamlined parking enforcements abilities in regulating parking tickets. Also, it has become much easier to reap the revenue from the parking payments, rather than coins traded in for cash. The online credit card system places the funds in the Town of Palm Beach designated account. The Town recently updated their online data transfer services, which has increased the efficacy of the kiosks, in which the maintenance of the machines noticeably decreased.

One of the main problems with newer progressive parking machines is removing the older ones and not accepted change. This change has not hurt revenue in the areas where it has been tested. There is even the technology to pay via a smartphone app. As more residents and visitors learn of the ability to pay with their phones, more will most likely choose  this option.

The Town plans to use the parking kiosks for as long as they prove fiscally efficient. For now, keep the credit cards handy before parking for a walk on the beach, but be prepared for the new technology coming soon to parking in the Town of Palm Beach.

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