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Penny Townsend Town of Palm Beach Councilwoman

As the 2016 municipal election nears, we bid farewell to some of our wonderful Councilmembers. Town of Palm Beach Councilwoman Ms. Penny Townsend being one of them.

We asked Councilwoman Townsend a few questions about her time serving on Town Council and her answers demonstrate her love for the Town of Palm Beach and her passion for making it a better place.

When asked what she will miss the most about being a Councilmember, Townsend said, “I will miss the work, researching, thinking about, analyzing, and talking to residents and staff about issues to be as well informed as possible before a meeting.” She went on to say, “I will also miss being able to assist residents in working towards resolution of their specific issues.”

When asked who she will miss the most, Townsend explained that concerned Town residents are at the top of the list. She said that she will miss thoughtful discussions with these residents because they helped expand her thinking and understanding.

Councilwoman Townsend was an integral part of several impactful decisions that were made during her tenure. Townsend said, “Most recently, I am pleased that I was able to convince my colleagues to have the undergrounding initiative go before the voters in a referendum and to therefore be able to use a general obligation bond rate saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest payments.” Budgets,  shore protection, The EIS for Reach 8,  PUD-5 and Testa’s redevelopment, Memorial Fountain, Port expansion, the playhouse and selection of a new Town manager—being a few other items that Townsend was involved with. She added, “Applying the laws, charter and ordinances consistently was an important concern for me.”

Town of Palm Beach Councilwoman

Townsend’s favorite part of being a Councilmember? Working. She explained, “I like to work.  I like to dig into issues and I like to problem solve trying to find the wisest result that is best for all concerned and meets the oath we take upon taking office.”

In a closing statement, Councilwoman Townsend stated, “Palm Beach will continue to face pressures for growth and development accelerated by the increasing development activities in West Palm Beach.  It will require careful planning and informed decisions to continue and to preserve the unique character of our Town.”
Her charisma and compassion will be missed by both Town Staff and Town residents alike.
Thank you, Councilwoman Townsend.
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