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Palm Beach Residents for Undergrounding

Voting day is right around the corner and one of the most hotly debated issues for the Town of Palm Beach March 15th ballot is the Underground Utility Referendum. Zach Shipley, leader of the Palm Beach Residents for Undergrounding PAC, believes that it is his duty to educate residents on this issue so that they may have an informed decision.

Mr. Shipley told us,

“I started the Palm Beach Residents for Undergrounding PAC because I believe it is essential to put electric, phone, and cable lines underground, both to increase reliability and to improve the appearance of the Town. My family and I have lived in this wonderful town since 1989. We chose to live here because Palm Beach is special.  It will be even more beautiful without ugly power poles and dangling wires.  And, having lived here during too many hurricanes, we want to avoid future power outages. 

I got interested in this because several close friends serve on the Undergrounding Task Force, and have explained all the details of the project and financing. As a former CFO, it was easy for me to see why we need undergrounding and why we need it now.”

Palm Beach Residents for Undergrounding

He went on to say, “Most new communities have underground utilities–it’s the modern way to do it.  Now, with FPL contributing part of the cost, is the right time to bring Palm Beach up to date.”

Shipley and the PAC’s goal is very clear and that goal is to “make sure everyone in Palm Beach understands the issue, and understands why a vote for the proposal is needed.”

In regards to what he and the PAC have done thus far to inform voters, Shipley said, “I myself and a few other residents and small businesses contributed enough money to pay for some mailers and newspaper ads.  We all want to make sure everyone has the information they need to make an informed decision, and we want to encourage everyone to vote next Tuesday.”

In a closing statement Shipley said, “Palm Beach is a great place to live.  Undergrounding will make it even better.  The Town will be more attractive, and we won’t have to suffer through long power outages following storms, and shorter ones caused by landscaping interference.  The cost is small, but the benefits are great.”

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