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Town of Palm Beach Actively Responding to Retiree Pension Shortage
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The Town of Palm Beach is actively responding to the retiree pension shortage by committing to spending $5.4 million annually for the next twenty-five years. The under-funded program is a direct-result of slow returns on the investments of pension funds, and the pressure is mounting with passing time. If it

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Have $95,000 a Month To Rent Dr. Oz Palm Beach House?
Town of Palm Beach Real Estate

Do you have $95,000 a month to rent Dr. Oz Palm Beach House? Well with the Town winter season fast-approaching, vacation rentals are up for grabs on the island of Palm Beach. From town-homes to mansions, nearly 200 properties will be listed for lease this coming season. Two of the

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It seems every week there is a new development or project being approved at a Town of Palm Beach Town Council or Commission Meeting, this week continued that trend. The final approval was made for the Royal Poinciana Plaza Revitalization improvements. For the past eight months, a group of architects

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The Town of Palm Beach houses many monuments and areas that hold deep historic meaning to the Town’s history. Long ago, the Landmarks Preservation Commission was formed to develop guidelines in order to preserve and protect these wonderful places. It is a long process and in addition to the commission;

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Exploring the Palm Beach Recreation Center With June right around the corner, that means it is almost summer. The children of Palm Beach will be out of school, the seasonal residents migrate up North, and families and friends come to visit. The Palm Beach Recreation Center is home to many

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Just like fashion, food has its fads, but one American favorite that never seems to go out of style is the burger. Burgers have been a staple in most Americans diets from a greasy cheeseburger to the veggie burgers for decades upon decades. Local Town of Palm Beach eatery Del

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