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Fossilized Shark Teeth found in Palm Beach

Over the past few months, beach frequenters in the Town of Palm Beach have found some new items on Midtown Beach. Shark Teeth, yes Shark Teeth have been infused with the sand being dumped onto the stretch of beach in the Midtown section of Palm Beach Island.

The Coastal Management project has been dredging and spreading sand across Midtown beach. Apparently, the sand is being dredged off Singer Island, and this sand is laced with fossilized shark teeth.

Many South Florida residents including Town of Palm Beach residents know the trials during the months of February and March when going to the beach during the migration of sharks. One of the highlighted shark intersections for the Atlantic Floor is off Singer Island near the Palm Beach Inlet.

After recent discoveries by Town of Palm Beach residents, the fossilized shark teeth were taken to the local branch of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and estimated to be well over a million years old. That is truly Old Florida.

The massive amounts of new sand will continue the shark tooth trend. Since the sand was being dredged from the Atlantic floor, there will be scattered flakes of ancient teeth. Be careful when enjoying the new coastal sand at Midtown Beach, as we just got some new sharks in our Town.

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