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North End of Palm Beach Riddled with Construction

This summer, residents at the north end of of Palm Beach will experience a multitude of heavy constructions sites. The town has been fairly quiet during the season in past years, but with water main improvements, underground work, and seawall replacements, North Ocean Blvd is in for a ‘rude awakening.’

West Palm Beach officials have continuously urged the Town Council of the Town of Palm Beach to replace and repair the water line that has caused several accidents in the past few years. Mayor Coniglio and concerned citizens agreed that the water main would always be a risk without proper action. Many worried that the waterline would constantly break regardless of numerous repairs, and also cause insurmountable damage to many commercial and residential properties around the Town of Palm Beach. The Town Council of Palm Beach has finally acted on the issue, and construction is expected to be at its height soon. An end date to the hopefully-final repair has yet to be released, but workers desire to finish before November with the help of extended construction hours from 8 in the morning to 10 at night.

In addition to the waterline issue, gas lines located near the northern part of the Town of Palm Beach are also in desperate need to be replaced. Florida Public Utilities are currently involved in a discussion about extending construction hours to speed up the process. The repairs are part of a statewide initiative to replace all aging gas lines, particularly in decades-old communities.

Residents are hopeful these updates to the water and gas lines will not extend past September, but the end dates remain tentative. Those who live near North Ocean Avenue are also currently witnessing the rebuilding of the seawall. While it may seem like yet another nuisance, the modification will reinforce the older wall and patch up damage from countless storms.

North End of Palm Beach residents have also faced another construction-related inconvenience in the area; Flagler Bridge repairs and sewage replacement. Workers are expected to continue the project well into 2016.

Residents will have to brave all of the detours, sights, and sounds that come with the seemingly-endless construction and improvements to the Town of Palm Beach. While most individuals are bothered by the inconveniences, many of these improvements will last a long time and are expected to be well-worth the temporary headache.

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