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Lake Worth Lagoon Dredging Expected to Begin

Many residents who live on the Intracoastal have experienced the difficulty of owning a house near the water. In Lake Worth, the shallowness of the waterway makes it extremely complicated to fully enjoy the lagoon.

Throughout the past year, Lake Worth has been exploring various options to fix the issue with the Lake Worth Lagoon. Officials have come to the solution of dredging and expanding the waterways south of the Southern Bridge. There are three new channels that will be dredged. The additions will expand the waterway 60 feet in width and deepen it by another 6 feet.

Many homeowners are elated with this news; their private docks will now be more accessible, even at low tide, and they also believe that the modifications will increase the value of property in many of the town’s neighborhoods.

The project will extend from Lagomar Road all the way to 1960 S. Ocean Boulevard. The new channels will also be helpful for traveling to the smaller islands scattered in the Intracoastal, and are expected to attract more fishermen to the area.

The Town Council of the has approved $34,159 to be given to an engineering firm that will obtain proper environmental permits necessary to begin the execution of the plans. State permits have already been obtained. The project is set to cost approximately $1.3 million.

A tentative timeline has yet to be released from Public Works, who is overseeing the process. However, many residents of Lake Worth are already looking forward to the positive outcome the project will bring.

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