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Town of Palm Beach Spared in State Budget

The Florida State Representatives and Senators have been working past the regular legislative session to pass the State Budget. Finally, Governor Rick Scott was able to sign the budget in approval for the next fiscal year. This budget did not go without steep cuts to many county and city projects. The Town of Palm Beach did not take as hard of a hit as many other cities across Florida did.

Cultural grants and Historic Preservation grants were more than triple the original intent of these grants. Cultural grants were given 35 million dollars for statewide projects. Historical Preservation grants received 10.2 million dollars; a portion will be designated for the Town of Palm Beach Memorial Park Renovations.

Governor Scott was looking to fund the projects that had been approved by the Florida Division of Historical Resources and Division of Cultural Affairs, seeing as they had been through the vetting process necessary for state funding.

There were several Palm Beach County facilities and organizations that also received grant funding for projects. The Cultural Council of Palm Beach CountySouth Florida Science Center and Aquarium, and Living Arts Foundation were granted State funding for various projects.

Other’s may be disappointed at the lack of funds received for expansions, like the Norton Museum of Art which had advocated for additional monies. A brighter note for the Palm Beach County District Court, 12 million dollars was set aside for a new facility for the 4th District Court of Appeals.

This is a great relief to the residents of The Town of Palm Beach, who are in support of the several cultural and historical projects for the Town. Memorial Park will continue to be revitalized plus it is expected to be beautiful, and the Town will have the State funds to fall back on and utilize if ever needed.

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