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New Police Culture Brings Less Crime in Palm Beach

Crime has dropped in Palm Beach and residents are happy about it. How? Improvements to the police force on the island are cited by Town Manager, Kirk Blouin. This is credited towards police chief, Ann-Marie Taylor.

Some of the new approach styles include community engagement and making sure to have a presence with those living in the town. Blouin had also mentioned “rebranding” the police system in Palm Beach. This promotes new leadership and helps bring in new faces to the department. This has contributed to the crime drop.

Technology that has been added is cameras, to help track down suspects by looking at license plates.

According to Palm Beach Daily News, changes to leadership such as “approach,” “new technology” and “changing culture,” are important in this crime rate decrease. Crime has dropped by 22.3% which is the lowest in 17 years, according to MyPalmBeachPost.

New Police Culture Brings Less Crime in Palm Beach

As of 2017, only 2 rapes were reported in the Town of Palm Beach as well as 0 murders, 0 robberies and 8 incidents of aggravated assault. Palm Beach Daily News had also previously reported that the last homicide to occur in Palm Beach was “almost 20 years ago.”

One of the rape incidents is still an open case. According to Palm Beach Daily News, the woman involved met a man off of Tinder. Neither are residents of Palm Beach and this is still under investigation. The closed cased happened in Lake Worth, involving sexual battery. The last reported rape before these was reported in 2014.

When Broward Palm Beach New Times ranked all 38 cities in Palm Beach County from “best and worst cities,” Palm Beach earned a spot on number 6. The contender for the number 1 spot was Delray Beach. Palm Beach also earned a spot on Niche as the safest city, earning a rating of “A” for crime.

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Palm Beach certainly separates itself as a safe and desirable place to vacation and to live.

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  1. […] Related>>> New Police Culture Brings Less Crime in Palm Beach […]

  2. […] Related>>> New Police Culture Brings Less Crime in Palm Beach […]

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