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Fun Jewish Related Activities to Check Out in Palm Beach

Fun Jewish Related Activities to Check Out in Palm Beach. Do you have an interest in Hebrew? Do you like movies? If you live in the Palm Beach area, there may be an opportunity for you to learn more about the language or another opportunity to relax and watch a movie while enjoying some free food.

The New Synagogue of Palm Beach has a weekly public Hebrew class beginning on July 17. According to Palm Beach Daily News, this is a beginner level class and no prior knowledge is needed. Classes begin at 11am and will occur every Tuesday.

The synagogue is located at 235 Sunrise Avenue in Palm Beach in the Palm Beach Hotel, with a gorgeous rooftop view.

The synagogue is Modern Orthodox and was formed in 2002. They also have a clear appetite for spirituality and food. “What is Jewish tradition without plenty of good food?” as quoted from their website. At most of their events and following services, food is provided.

For more information and inquiries, go to their website linked here or call 561-514-4064.

Fun Jewish Related Activities to Check Out in Palm Beach

Another upcoming event this week, which is located at the Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach. According to Palm Beach Daily News, on July 18 is a showing of the Dutch film, The ZigZag Kid with subtitles. This starts at 1 pm.

According to IMDB, The ZigZag Kid was made in 2012 and follows the protagonist, Nono, throughout the film during their adventures as a kid.

Temple Emanu-El is located at 190 N. County Road and they are a conservative temple. One interesting feature about the temple is that when you shop Amazon Prime, you can add a feature to donate some proceeds to them, according to their website. Also according to their website, they are the “only fully egalitarian synagogue in Palm Beach.”

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For more information, you can call them at 561-832-0804.

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