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Gubernatorial Candidate Uses Mar-a-Lago for Political Ad

Gubernatorial Candidate Uses Mar-a-Lago for Political Ad. Democratic candidate Jeff Greene made headlines yet again.

Greene, a recent nominee to the Democratic spot for Florida Governor used the famous country club, Mar-a-Lago during a photo-shoot for his recent direct mail piece. Greene is a member of the club owned by President Donald Trump.

According to the Palm Beach Daily News, the mailer read “If Trump wants to vacation here at Mar-a-Lago, he can pay for that himself,” with a shot of Greene looking at the clubhouse. Palm Beach Daily News also reported Greene believes the taxpayer money could be used to help fund Planned Parenthood and fund our schools.

Greene has been a member of the club for a long time. This dates back to before Trump became involved with the political scene.

Greene, a well known Palm Beach billionaire also feels due to this statement and previous encounters with the President, he could have his membership at the club revoked, as reported by Palm Beach Daily News.

According to WLRN, Greene believes in the ban of assault rifles, affordable housing, and good education. Greene’s investments are primarily real estate. On Greene’s website, he dives more into his “priorities” such as immigration rights, a women’s right to choose and LGBTQ + equality.

On Greene’s website, he refers to himself as a product of public schools, with has been a staple in his campaign.

Gubernatorial Candidate Uses Mar-a-Lago for Political Ad

One thing for Greene to consider is his close ties to Donald Trump. Reported by Palm Beach Post, Greene referred to him “as a good friend.” Greene was a vocal critic of Trump and his views on women.

Greene will face off on August 28 against Chris King, Gwen Graham, Andrew Gillum and Philip Levine for the spot of the Democratic nominee for Governor. According to recent polls at Real Clear Politics Levine seems to be leading among Democrats.

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There are still less than 50 days to the primary races.

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