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New Palm Beach Civic Association Directors Announced

Last week, on a day with an almost perfect climate for honoring people of service, the Palm Beach Civic Association held their annual event at the Flagler Museum. A nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, The Palm Beach Civic Association has more than 2,000 individual members.

The notable engagement consisted of a host of speakers, a visual presentation of an annual review, a ceremony for award honorees and a post-reception celebration; complete with bubbly and finger foods. The event was also the main platform for introducing the newest directors to more than 300 members and friends of the organization in attendance.

Some of the event’s program highlights were the opening speeches from the Association’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Wright and President, Ned Barnes.

The program also included a slideshow of The Year in Review, a visual aid used to mark the end of another season. After a look back, the event changed the focus to the future of the organization with the introduction of the association’s newest directors. The list of names, in alphabetical order, include: Diana Barrett, Lori Jayne Bernstein, Nathan Gantcher, Christopher Goldberg, Erin Manning, Pat McLaughlin, Alicia Mullen, Donna Plasket, Dan Ponton, Michael Pucillo, Paul Shiverick, Jeffery Smith and Robert Swanson.

After an encouraging round of applause for their newest members, the association gave recognition to Ralph Del Deo and George Michel, who have been named Honorary Directors.

New Palm Beach Civic Association Directors Announced

The Garden Club of Palm Beach presented service awards to Sean Luca Frankland and Gray Foster as recipients of the Award for Town Beautification. The Raymond J. Kunkel Award, which is given for merit and/or heroic services to the community, was presented to the Friends of Palm Beach for their tireless efforts.

The awards ceremony was followed by the Honorable Mayor Gail Coniglio, who gave her seventh State of the Town of Palm Beach address to a captivated audience. Coniglio’s address discussed the details of important town business, including such matters as construction, traffic issues, beach sustainment, undergrounding, and the necessary logistic provisions; with regards to the visits made by the President of the United States.

At the conclusion of the program’s speeches and recognitions, the event attendees all retired to the illustrious Grand Hall for celebratory refreshments; a fitting end to the close-out of the season for the Palm Beach Civic Association.

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