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Michael Bickford Withdraws Plans for Private London Style Club

In front of a crowd of approximately eighty Palm Beach residents, the proposal for converting Carriage House into a private London House style club, was withdrawn in dramatic fashion by applicant Michael Bickford and his attorney.

Council Chambers had been filled with business owners and residents on Wednesday, prepared to speak in opposition of the plan; after news of its pending status circulated the area, generating a large public response. Retired attorney and Sea Spray resident Steven Jeffrey Greenwald spearheaded the resistance, having taken to the streets and going door to door to get the word out.

Comments from the public were unneeded however, as Attorney Zisks stunning announcement, put things to rest. At least for now.

According to Bickford, he faults “incorrect information” for the letters submitted to the Town of Palm Beach Town Council in January, in protest of the project; citing noise, traffic and parking as major concerns.

Originally, Bickford sought to get a deferral, allowing him time to repair the damage that caused the commotion amongst the townspeople. He himself a Palm Beach resident, feels “building with restored, high-end establishments,” would benefit the area, and that there are many people “who supported the project.”

In lieu of the request for deferral, Maura Zisks, attorney for Michael Bickford, advised the council that the application was being withdrawn. He adds, “…the politics in the Town prevailed over forward progress and generosity.”

Michael Bickford Withdraws Plans for Private London Style Club

All hope is not lost. Because the proposal was not voted against by Town Council, and Bickford withdrew the application on his own recognizances, he can submit another plan right away, without having to wait another year. There is still life left in his effort to bring a bit of London to Phipps Plaza.

The original proposal was to fuse and renovate vacant lots 264 and 270 on South County Road, located at the main entrance and facade to Phipps Plaza. The space has been empty since 2015, which is when 264 The Grill closed its doors for business, permanently.

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It is unknown whether or not a new application would be submitted by Bickford. It is clear, however, that the fate of 264 and 270 South County Road will be made by a decision that will result from a fight that will go down to the bitter end.

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