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Mayor of Delray Beach Helping The Town of Palm Beach

The Mayor of Delray Beach Cary Glickstein will supervise a new hotel project called Palm House. Glickstein has been approved by Palm Beach County Judge Donald Hafele to go forward with the plans. Hafele appointed Mayor of Delray Beach Cary Glickstein in order to help resolve the conflict currently going on amongst Palm House investors and developers out of court.

Palm House builders are currently debating who gets absolute control over the project, which has been an issue for many years. Civil complaints were filed in circuit court during 2014, stating that one of the managers had taken important computer documents related to the project, and had also locked the door to the property. The complaint also reported that the owner allegedly consulted with another individual involved in the project, and tried to convince him to share 99 percent interest.

Mayor of Delray Beach Cary Glickstein will be a third-party construction manager, and is permitted to hire other subcontractors and workers. Glickstein has experience in building; he is an attorney and owner of Ironwood Construction Services.

Palm House has been under construction since 2006, and Judge Hafele is hopeful that Glickstein will be the voice of reason in all of the lawsuits and liens. Glickstein must now also handle town fines that are over $1.8 million for unapproved construction and delays.

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