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Town of Palm Beach Embraces Parking Technology

Are we just two months away from having Pay-by-phone parking meters as the Town of Palm Beach embraces parking technology? The Town of Palm Beach Town Council will be discussing the Pay-by-phone parking meters during their next scheduled Town meeting. You might be familiar with these meters if you have visited other cities around South Florida  The meters enable parkers the ability to use an app on their smartphones to pay for parking instead of carrying around a bunch of coins and credit cards.

Many skeptics have feared that these meters would cause the parking rates to rise around the Town of Palm Beach, but we have learned that the rates would cost the same whether or not you use the app or the traditional way of carrying around 2 pounds of coins in your purse or pocket. It should also be noted that the current meters in the Town of Palm Beach do not accept nickels or dimes which could be a huge inconvenience if you forgot quarters.

Some shop owners located on Worth Avenue and Royal Poinciana do not seem to like the new and improved meters since people won’t come in asking for change and possibly purchase an item, but the restaurants seem quite happy. Their patrons will no longer be in a rush to add time to a meter and most likely will spend more money on dessert or drinks.

These new, modern meters also give users the ability to add more time to their meter without having to leave the restaurant or shop they are visiting. Simply go to the app, press the amount of time to add, and voila, your meter is replenished.

Once the Town Council votes on the meters Tuesday, we could start seeing these new innovative alternatives installed within the next couple of months.

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    Chapter 119. Town of Palm Beach to fully embrace and comply with the letter and spirit of the Florida Public Records Laws governing the public’s right to access records held by a public agency.

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