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How Much Will President Trump’s Visits Cost Palm Beach

President Trump’s frequent visits to his Winter White House in Palm Beach County is creating an immense strain on taxpayer’s wallets. When President Trump comes to Palm Beach many resources need to be pulled together for the presidential visit to go smoothly.

To protect both the President and the Palm Beach residents, the county’s police department has worn itself out by making officers work overtime. The department estimates that nearly $250,000 a year will be spent to be able to fund things like fencing, extra security, and officers working overtime. In addition to a larger amount of public cost going toward local security, the police department proposes to set aside $160,000 to help respond to protests and other crowd control duties anticipated from Trump’s visits.


How Much Will President Trump’s Visits Cost Palm Beach

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Trump’s trips his Mar˗a˗Lago has cost Palm Beach taxpayers $4 million since Election Day.  Although, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw wishes to increase the cost of his budget proposal, it is unclear just how much will go towards to protecting the President.


To make matters worse, even though Congress has consented to repay for some of the costs of Trump’s time in Palm Beach, more than half of the expenses are not qualified for reimbursement by the federal government. The cost of President Trump’s Palm Beach adventures is expected to grow when his notorious golf club Mar˗a˗Lago reopens in the fall, meaning more presidential security costs for the island’s residents as well as taxpayers across Palm Beach County. The question of how Palm Beach plans to handle the cost of Trump’s return still remains unanswered.

We reached out to to a Town Council Member Bobbie Lindsey but did not receive a response for this article.

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